java interface教程

java interface就是表示一个接口,接口只有方法,但是没有实际的实现。实现他的接口可以采用不同的程序。

Java the interface is a set of methods statement to be some method features, a set of interfaces only methods of characteristics of no method to realize, so these methods can in different places were different class implements, and these can realize with different behavior (function).

In its most common form, an interface is a group of related methods with empty bodies.

For example

learn java is so easy
import java.util.*;
public interface ITeacher
	public void teach();
	public void preparingLesson();
	public void checkingHomework();

a class realize the interface

learn java is so easy

public class MathTeacher implements ITeacher{
	public void teach(){
		System.out.println("teach math");
	public void preparingLesson(){
		System.out.println("preparing math's lesson");
	public void checkingHomework(){
		System.out.println("checking student's homework of math");

	public static void main(String[] args){
		ITeacher lucy = new MathTeacher();
	/*we must achieve all the function from the interface*/
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