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AWS主机选购 hvm root device ENA选哪个

AWS 看过一个文章说pintrest 用的AWS 一下子增强了月小升得信息,决定变更阿里云到亚马逊云

Root device type: ebs Virtualization type: hvm ENA Enabled: No
Root device type: ebs Virtualization type: paravirtual ENA Enabled: No

Virtualization type: hvm
Virtualization type: paravirtual

HVM: hardware virtual machine 全虚拟

PV: paravirtual 半虚拟

The main difference between PV and HVM AMIs is the way in which they boot and whether or not they can take advantage of special hardware extensions (CPU, network, and storage) for better performance.

注意,以往两个字那是以前 PV性能优于 HVM


But with changes being made in AWS, all users can and should be considering HVM for their instances.


结论,不用纠结,选择HVM AWS的趋势

I’d suggest using HVM as this looks to be the VM technology AWS is migrating to.

Instance store vs EBS
Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume

Instance store 临时实例,重启后数据丢失

EBS 可以扩展的,持久存留数据的

ENA Enabled: Yes

对于支持的实例类型,Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) 最多支持 25 Gbps 的网络速度。

C5, C5d, F1, G3, H1, I3, m4.16xlarge, M5, M5d, P2, P3, R4, R5, R5d, X1, X1e, and z1d 实例使用 Elastic Network Adapter 实现增强联网。

Tenancy Dedicated Host or instances

选择 Shared 资金充足随便 专用主机肯定更牛,不过价格月小升看来,不是土豪,别随便用。

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